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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Be your Own Counsellor✨

“I think my best friend knows me better”
“No one understands me better than my sister”

“Are you sure about these things? Do they really know you better than you know your own self?”

“Not really” 
Right ?

Because the reality is slightly different from your thoughts. It’s not that the world knows you better, it’s only you who has made others to know you in a certain manner and that’s how they know you✔️.

Every time when you are feeling low, helpless and lost in your problems, remember one thing ‘Time heals’. So relax, give yourself sometime and hold on to patience and faith because god never tests a human beyond his bearing capacity.💯
So as a counsellor tell yourself to hold on to patience and faith firmly in all the rough and tough times.

Next, think about solutions and communicate with your own self  rather than crying over your problems. Are your tears going to heal you? The answer is No...,so wipe your tears, be optimistic be brave and find a solution. 

 Have a counselling session with your own self, choose your favourite place, grab your favourite food, smile a little, show up some courage and with a strong heart and cool mind think about all the possible solutions to your problem.
Because it’s said ‘Every problem has a solution’.✅

Now don’t you feel that you know yourself better than others and that’s why you can be your own counsellor.
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