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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Failure: Your Tutor

“Do you fear failures?”
“You certainly do”

It’s okay to fear failures but it’s not okay to lose yourself in those failures. 
So for now with a positive mind and calm spirit get  ready to walk into these 3 simple steps:✅
  1. Recollect: Do you remember how afraid you were of your primary school teacher, how quietly you sat on the bench when she arrived and how religiously everyday you completed your homework.You still had to go to the school everyday.Remembered those days ? Don’t lie to yourself that you weren’t afraid of your teachers in childhood. 
  2. Understand: Now you are an adult, is your teacher around you? monitoring you? No she isn’t there any longer and your fear already started fading since long and now it has disappeared completely. Similarly make your failures your teacher and that fear will also start fading sooner. 
  3. Implement: Now that you have understood fears fade by passing day, why do you want to fear your failures and hold yourself back. Don’t fear failures and from now do everything which you always wanted to. If you fail in it, make failure your teacher and keep monitoring yourself and see the positive outcomes.

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