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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Self Help✌🏼

"Waiting for a person to ask you about your life"
"Waiting to meet a person to talk about all your problems"

"And you think everyone else except you is having a good life?"🙄
The one sole and obvious answer to this is NO, everyone in the world has a set of their own problems, its connected emotions, mind conflicts and struggles.
Asking them to console you and give you their time in your rough phase of life adds up to their existing problems.🙂

So why don't you help your own self?
Remember: 'Self Help is the Best Help.✌🏼

Now let's talk about the common custom of sharing your problems with your close pals and family members, and it's said that sharing your problems with others helps to lighten your heart,
Correct, it does help. But does it solves your problems completely? and think further, doesn't this adds up to their own stress and worries?

So why can't  you help your own self?

Helping your own self isn't really a big task. Start following these little tips now:
  • Stop thinking that you are weak, because the biggest fact is that you have come a long way in your life already.✅
  • Gather courage to face the issues and not to run away from them.✅
  • Keep patience, good things take time to happen.✅
  • Don't forget to connect yourself with god every moment, because he is up right there to take away all your sufferings and struggling in just one blink of your eyes.  Keep praying and have faith.🤲🏻💯

"Doesn't it feels easy to help yourself now?"

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