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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Self Management🤘🏻

"I can't control my temper"
"I am too sensitive as a person"
"I can't bear anyone being rude with me, I feel bad"
"My mood gets affected easily if someone acts bad with me"

"Why? don't you have control over your own self? Isn't it your responsibility to pamper yourself every moment?"🙂
Don't you love yourself enough to learn how to let go things for your own happiness and peace?

For getting over all the above narrated mind conflicts and issues, you only need to learn to manage your own self: what we termed it in the post tittle as Self Management.✌🏼

The first and the most crucial step here is to keep Loving your own self. Love yourself enough to not let people hurt you with their behaviours.✅

Why are you even expecting them to be good with you? 
Only because the other person is your partner, family member or a friend? 
Understand, it's not their personal responsibility to keep you happy, it's Your Primary Duty to keep Yourself Happy.😇
Following are a few tips which you should follow to fulfill your primary duty:✅
  • Learn to let go things instead of tolerating them
  • Learn to monitor your emotions instead of showing them to others 
  • Learn to control your anger instead of bursting it out on others
  • Learn to manage your own self instead of expecting others to take care of you
  • If you are a arrogant person, learn to make peace with your own self first
  • If you are a sensitive person, learn to respect your emotion, being sensitive isn't a bad thing
  • If you are a soft- hearted person, learn to accept that not everyone is as soft hearted as you
  • If you are too good to fit in the circle where you think people are bad, make your own circle because there are similar people like you out there

Remember you are the master of Your Own Life and therefore don't let anyone else have control over your mood and emotions.🙌🏻
Managing yourself is not a task, all what you need is to love yourself first and the rest follows automatically.🖖🏻

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