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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Effective ways to Lead a Positive Life

None of these ways will cost you anything but will definitely give you lot of happiness and peace in your Life. Try it out.

  • Believe in God:
Do you know your body is only a clay structure without your soul in it? The clay structure has no life in it without the soul. And who is the maker and guardian of this clay structure and soul within it? It's the Almighty God.
Remember your belief in god is the foremost step to lead a happy and positive life. How can you not believe in the existence of god when you are existing only because of him in this world. God does exist in numerous forms around you, to take care of you and to protect you. So remember god in all your good and bad times. Thank god for the good times and ask him for mercy and help in the bad times. Do cultivate a habit to spare few minutes from your daily schedule to spend it with god. This time can be for doing anything right from reading your religious books or simply having a conversation with god. Once you make this a habit you will sense a feeling of inner peace. In this fast growing and busy world finding inner peace is a blessing and that leads to your real happiness.

  • Believe in Yourself:
Have you ever heard someone saying, "I am a bad human and I am still happy in my life' or has anyone ever told you that "I don't believe in my potentials but I am happy in life?" 
No wise human has ever quoted these lines. Believing in yourself is the next immediate step to lead a happy life after you start believing in god. You need to have your self-confidence tied with you in all the rough and tough times in your life. Don't give up on yourself only because you think life is hitting you hard, make yourself so strong like a stone that you hit back to all those problems which are giving you pain and sufferings. Remember at the end it's all about your self-confidence, self-esteem and believe in your own self. 

  • Spend Quality Time with Yourself & Be Optimistic: 
Spending quality time with yourself is an important act and you should make it a habit of doing things which makes you happy. This time should be a quality time which means you should feel relief from the worldly stress and other issues in your life. It's subjective as to what makes a person happy and what does quality time means to an individual. For those who think that they can't find answers as to what makes them happy and what does their quality time means, I can suggest you to just sit with yourself for sometime and think about all the positive things in your life. Thank god for it. Talk about your blessings with yourself rather than complaining about your burdens. This little time will lead you a step closer to your inner peace and happiness. Later, try knowing yourself more to find out the acts which makes you happy so that you start spending quality time with yourself. Remember this quality time has to get you only positive outcomes and therefore discard all the negativity when you sit to spend time with yourself.

  • Don't be Afraid of Change: 
Life isn't constant. Understand that ups and downs are part of every individual's life. So don't fear to do things only because you are afraid of change. Not every storm comes to destroy things, at times that storm comes to clear your path. The change that you are fearing may be good for you someday, just let life flow and don't hold back only because you think you can't take up changes in your life in a positive manner. God has a plan for you, trust it, live it and enjoy it. 

  • Don't Overthink: 
Your mind is the most powerful weapon of your body. If you choose to overthink then your mind is going to kill all your happiness. Overthinking has never resulted in any positive outcome. Understand, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. Try every possible thing to free yourself from the act of overthinking and this will in return secure the happiness of your life and lead to positive results.

  • Don't Compare Your Life with Others & Treat People with Dignity: 
Every individual is different and everyone has a story that is not read aloud. Therefore never compare your life with others. Work for your own self and not for competing with others. Live for your own happiness and do not carry ill- feelings for others in your heart. Forgive people for their wrong-doings because god likes the person who forgives the other.Don't hold on to grudges and keep a feeling of vendetta in you, keep your heart clean from all the negativity so that you are able to live happily.  Further, opinions and criticism are a part of the life journey, so don't get influence with the positive opinions and negative criticism, do what you feel is right for your own self. These little things will cover you with positive vibes from all the corners of your life. 
Don't forget to remind yourself everyday, "I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN HAPPY LIFE" 


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it’s inspiring and motivational. I agree with everything but God, I don’t believe in any God.

    1. Looking forward to motivate you for a better life😇 I respect your views towards the existence of god.

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