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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How to Set and Achieve your Goals in Life

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."  Albert Einstein.

Around the globe it is observed that people like to do things or activities which make them happy. Doing your daily routine work i.e. personal and professional work is a part of your life. But who is the master of assigning you this work? It's no one else than you. 
So work on those things in your life which you want to, which gives you a sense of satisfaction and happiness. These things in your life are called as your 'Goals' in life. If you want to lead a satisfactory life, set your goals and work towards it.

Now let us first understand the basic concept of 'Goal Setting'.

Goal setting is the process wherein you have a specific target/thing  to achieve which is your 'goal' and Goal setting therefore would include all the steps towards achieving the target. Everyone has a goal in their life, be it a personal life goal like gaining self-confidence, improving body language or to improve oneself, a professional goal like to generate more income, acquire leadership qualities or to improve public relations, a business goal which includes setting up your own business as an entrepreneur. Further, Life goals includes a mixture of personal life goals, professional life goals along with primary goals like setting up a family, having a stable source of income and improving oneself to achieve all the desire goals ultimately.
In this article let us keep in mind our personal and professional life goals for a long term vision and understand the goal setting procedure by using a business goal as instance.

  1.  Know your Goals: This is the foremost and the most important step for setting up your goals. You need to have a clear view as to what do you want in your life or what are you looking forward to in your life. Knowing your goals also includes that you should know yourself too. Further, a human has too many goals and aims in his life. Do not overburden yourself by having multiple goals at a same time. Rank your goals according to their importance in your life and have a main goal and create sub-goals. For instance you want to set-up a small scale trading business on your own, this is your main professional life goal. You further desire to have a good property to start your business center, you want to appoint supporting staffs, you want to have amazing interiors for your center and want to undertake other luxurious activities. Can you fulfill all these goals with your business capital alone? The probable answer to this is No. So remember to have a main goal and to not have multiple goals at the same time to mess up your work, therefore create sub-goals.  
  2. Understand your Goals:  Goals are also classified as long term and short term goals. Before deciding on to your goal, remember to keep in mind its effect in short and long run in your life. For instance when you decide to set-up a small scale trading business keep in mind that its a long term process, you can't expect returns within a short span of time. Every business has a breathing period and then it flourishes to give you an average return to your invested capital. Further, if this small scale trading business is for trading seasonal things or festive stuffs it is going to have a short term effect and after a point of time it will discontinue yielding returns to you. 
  3. Research on your desire Goal: Researching about your desire goal is an essential step to set up a goal. Researching broadens your horizon for a particular goal and you tend to have a better vision for it. For instance if you decide to set-up a small scale trading business then researching on the products which are trending in market for buying-selling is a great idea and accordingly then deciding your business product.
  4. List down the pros and cons of your Goal: Understanding and accepting the pros and cons of your desire goal is very important for setting up your goal successfully. Pros and cons of your goal means the positive and negative impact of your goal in your life. Remember, all your personal life goals will definitely have a positive impact on your life therefore never stop improving yourself. 
  5. Set time limit to achieve your Goal: Remember a goal without a timeline is just a dream. Therefore always make it a point to start working on your dreams by setting up your goals and further have time limit set to achieve those goals. 
  6. Work towards your Goal: Setting up your goals is a continuous process wherein you need to work consistently towards it without any breaks. Remember nothing in life comes easy and therefore you need to put all your efforts and work to set up and achieve your goals. 

After you have succeeded in setting up your goals, it's time for the final step to Achieve It.

  1. Work consistently towards your Goal: There is no stop towards working for your goals. You start working for setting up your goals and you have to continue working consistently to achieve it and retain it to lead a successful life.
  2. Stay motivated to achieve your Goal: Constant self- motivation is a crucial point that you need to remember for achieving and retaining your goals. Encourage yourself every time and believe in your potentials to achieve your desire goal.
  3. Be determined for your Goal: Sticking by your goal is equally as important as motivating yourself for achieving the desire goal. Ups and downs are part of every journey, even the ladder has ups and down steps, so remember if you go through a down phase while achieving your goals do not give up. Stay determined for it.  


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