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Thursday, July 4, 2019


"I am tired of life"
"Life is terrible"
"I want to give up on Life"

"Do you know your life is a god's gift and you shouldn't be cursing it for any big or small issue in your life"
"A human body is made of clay and mud, it is god who has given soul in this body structure. Who are you to curse or end your life?"

Life is like a journey and when you feel life is getting difficult to handle, remember that difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. The struggle which you are facing today is developing you to be stronger for tomorrow. So learn and gather courage from the difficult times in life rather than complaining about it. 
Life may seem to be low and dull at times, it may seem to you like setting of sun, at that moment remember to tell yourself that you won't be able to see the stars without darkness so let the sun set. Keep patience with yourself and have faith because the sun is going to rise up high again. 
Pray to god daily, remember he has written your destiny already and he knows how strong you are and he will never make you face difficulties beyond your capacity.
Remember nothing in life comes easy, learn to keep patience with yourself. Rome was not build in a day, set your goals and strive harder each day to achieve it, don't give up only because it is taking time. Patience is the real key to success.

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Here are some important life lessons for you from this post✅
  • It's good to fail, because it makes you more stronger.
  • It doesn't matter what other people think, it's your life at the end.
  • Hard work always pays off, so never keep up.
  • More money doesn't make you happier, strive for peaceful earning.
  • Communication is key for a successful relationship.
  • Keep patience with yourself and faith with God.
  • You need to be flexible, Life is a journey and ups and down are part of it.
  • Stay away from toxic people, they give out only negative vibes.
  • Giving will make you happier. 

Wishing all readers a Happy and Healthy Life😊
Your Life Blogger,
Naureen C.