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Monday, July 8, 2019


Self-Communication is an essential tool for enhancing your personality and to lead a happy and a satisfactory life.

Now let us first understand the concept of self-communication.Talking to your own self and having a verbal interaction with yourself is known as self-communication.
Self-Communication plays a vital role in your life. You know yourself better than anyone else around you. Remember you are your own tutor, guider, counselor and a friend.You are the only one person with whom you can communicate 24 hours in a day.
Interpersonal conversations are really important to have an emotional stability within you. Cultivate a habit to talk with your own self, it's not wrong to do so. In-fact, self-communication is probably the best favor you can do for your own self.
Self-communication helps to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you do not have interpersonal conversations with your own mind and heart, you are tend to feel that your mood is being affected easily.Disturbed mood swings can be one of the biggest reason for your unhappy life. So act wisely and  treat your inner self as your best friend, so that you can share each and everything with yourself every moment.
Self-communication also plays a vital role for your mental health. Constantly overthinking about a certain issue and not able to communicate about it with any close person can lead to many mental health issues. Then, why do you look out or wait for someone around you to speak about your problems, you are your best consoler, therefore speak with your own self and see the results.

Here are some effective ways to start with Self-Communication:
  1. Schedule your day by keeping in mind to spare sometime with your own self either in the morning hours when you wake up or at night when your day has come to an end. Remember this time should be a quality time, which means it should exclude acts of thinking negatively and overthinking. Speak with yourself everything that happened on that particular day. Be optimistic and discuss your issues, don't get emotional too early. Act brave and remind yourself that you are a strong person and you can tackle with every situation.
  2. Meditation also helps you boost up with your self-communication skills. Meditation makes you spend some few minutes with the inner you. Soon after meditating, do have small conversation with yourself. 
  3. Don't judge yourself negatively every time after you commit a mistake. It's okay to commit mistakes, you are a human at the end. Talk with yourself and realize where did you go wrong for that mistake to happen. Promise yourself to not repeat those acts again.
  4. Don't forget to love yourself. A human always tends to share and talk about life with a person whom he/she loves. You need to learn to love yourself first,to start with self communication.
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  1. After having a rubbish few weeks I really needed to hear this. Going to try this starting this evening 🖤

    Hollie | ‪‬

    1. Happy to know that I came to your rescue😇.You should definitely start with it soon, good luck👍🏻