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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Anger Management

"For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness"
 "Don’t you want to lead a happy life? Do you want to frustrate yourself every day by hampering your mental peace?"
These simple questions anonymously answer that you deserve a happy life and you need to discard emotions which hamper your peace.  

Anger is the most dangerous enemy to your happiness and learning to give-up on your anger for your happiness is the most important thing you should be doing for your own-self. Anger is a human emotion caused due to unforeseen circumstances, unjust acts or as a consequence of saddening situations in life.
Learn to Control your "ANGER" because it is just one letter away from "D"ANGER

Anger can be dangerous to your life and has the following effects:
  • Anger leads to deteriorating physical health which includes high BP, headache and anxiety
  • Anger hampers your mental well-being which includes frequent irritations, breakdowns and  not getting sound sleep
  • Anger results in spoiling your relationships with families and other people because of  your rudeness and temperament.
  • Anger also has a bad effect on your career as you tend to spoil your relationship with office colleagues and seniors because of your arrogant behavior.

Anger management plays a vital role in shaping your personality. Managing your anger does not mean that you need to control it all the time, understand controlling and managing are two different aspects. Anger as an emotion is going to come out regardless of your control over it, therefore you need to learn to manage your anger rather than controlling it.

Effective Tips to Manage your Anger:

  1.  The foremost thing you need to do is to figure out your nature with regards temper issues. You need to understand as to what are the things that add up to your temper.
  2. Anger within you arises due to different sources like it may be caused because of frustration, unforeseen circumstances, work pressure, emotional breakdown or when life does not goes as per your will. Once you have figured out the source of your anger, you need to sit and tell yourself one thing "Anger doesn't solve anything, it builds nothing but it can destroys everything.
  3. After knowing the source of your anger, next immediate thing that you need to do is to know what triggers you to react in such a manner. Ask yourself, "have you reach a level of frustration that you can't control it anymore? Is it an emotional breakdown? Is it your work pressure which makes you behave in this manner?" After getting your answers, relax and understand that anger is an emotion just like every other emotion and therefore don't let it overpower you, instead choose to not get triggered by it and take the issue in a humorous manner or by remaining silent  for that particular moment. Choosing to ignore it, meditating and spending time with positive people around has also proven to be effective tips to overcome the trigger of your anger.
  4.  Every management in your life is for you and you are the first person to handle it, be it 'time management' or 'anger management' you need to work on yourself first and other management follows thereon. Learn to stay calm in the stormy situation. "You think that is impossible?" Nothing is impossible if you are willing to do it and you need to change and keep on trying to calm yourself till you finally succeed.
  5. Even after multiple attempts to have control over yourself, over your emotions and anger you still fail in managing it and despite many steps to control and manage your anger if you fail, its advisable that  you need to enroll for anger management therapy at the earliest because remember "ANGER" is only a letter away from "D"ANGER.



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    1. I am glad every little word here is influencing your life.
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