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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Stress Management

Having stress in your life is like a disease of precarious consequence which needs a timely treatment, as it can even cost you your life. Stress as a disease is one of the dangerous disease that your body can handle. Therefore figuring out the minor and major symptoms of stress, finding out the reason/source of the stress, handling the stress effectively and coping up with stress are all very important doses for curing the disease of 'stress'. 

The meaning of stress in the most simplified manner includes 'Stress as a state of mental/emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse negative circumstances'. Tension, overthinking, negative thoughts and fears are all major sources of stress.

 Stress also plays a role of a foundation for many other diseases in your body. It can result in many health problems including mental health i.e depression, anxiety and personality disorder.  It can also cause disease like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.
Now that you have read and understood about the deadly consequences of stress, don't you think you should be more cautious for your health, mental well-being  and your life?
Stress is a disease, but it can be cured if managed effectively. Therefore to lead a healthy and long life you need to learn to manage stress which is termed as Stress Management.

Stress Management is all about having control over yourself which includes management over your thoughts, emotions, environment and also your daily habits of living.

Here are 5 simple ways to Manage and Prevent Stress: 

  • Be Optimistic:

Overthinking is the first step which leads to cause stress on a human mind. When do you tend to overthink? You tend to overthink when you are having negative thoughts about a particular thing/situation. So, learn to be optimistic i.e to be positive even in your worst circumstances because it's not stress that kills us, it our reaction to it'. Remember everything happens for a good reason. May be the worst situation god has put you in is going to make you stronger or may be this worst situation which you are into currently was arisen by god to teach you a life lesson. Holding on to positivity during a tough time is a hard thing to do but do you think its more tough than the consequences which you may have to suffer if stress starts entering your body as a disease? Think about it and cultivate yourself from this very moment to stay positive so that you can manage and prevent stress.
  • Make time for yourself: 
In the fast growing and busy world making time for your own self is extremely important or else you keep losing your peace in the worldly affairs. When your mind is constantly occupied with various things everyday, after a certain point these thoughts start causing you stress and you tend to hamper your mental well-being. Therefore, have a habit to make time for yourself everyday. Your mind and body needs relaxation after a level of work which it does for you. Understand, a leisure time is like a fuel to your mind and body and therefore spending sometime for yourself is not a waste of time and  it will work as a preventive measure for stress and ultimately help you to maintain your health positively. Spending time with yourself can include doing anything which relaxes you like reading a book, listening to music, playing sports or simply sitting in the corner of the room and having a good conversation with god. These activities may seem like a small act but in reality these tiny steps which you take for your own self helps you prevent and manage your stress to a great level.

  • Have a Balanced Schedule:
  • It is really important for a person to have a balanced schedule in his life. You need to understand the importance of having a balanced schedule in your life as all activities which you do with your mind and heart in totality has a effect on your life. Balance schedule means having a schedule wherein you include a leisure time for yourself, some social time with people along with your personal and professional time.You need to manage your day in a manner which will not disproportionate your personal-professional time and leisure-social time. Having a balanced schedules in life will prevent your mind to get stuck on one thing and as a result will also prevent causing stress to you. Having a balanced schedule also has a vital role in stress management as your mind gets distracted from certain things when you decide to spend some quality time with yourself  or have some social time.

    • Practice Meditation and Yoga:
    • Activities of practicing yoga, meditation and playing of sports have proved to yield effective results for improving mental health of a person. Yoga and meditation stimulates a sense of peace in your mind and body. A human mind is made of plenty of nerves which act like wires and connect with each-other and with the body to set a human being into function. Meditation and yoga helps to manage stress levels when practice on regular basis.
      • Spend time with people: 
      The most effective tool for preventing and managing stress is to talk, share and speak with people with whom you feel comfortable. Spend time with people around whom you feel relaxed and with whom you can share all or any of your problems. These people may be any of your family members, friends or  a work colleague. They may not necessarily have a solution to your problem but if you share it with another person your mind and heart feels lighten and this prevents causing more stress to you. Also, avoid people who stress you out as their presence will cause you more stress instead of managing it.

      "You don't Gain anything from Stressing, Remember that"