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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Make 2020 Your DREAM Year.

As the calendar reached 2020 everyone of you started deciding the new year's resolution, but before anything else:
"Did you appreciate yourself for surviving through the ups and downs of 2019?
"Did you thank yourself for not giving up during the tough times last year?"
"Did you take a minute to thank God for all the blessings that were bestowed upon you in 2019?"

As the New Year begins I advise you to first thank God and then thank and appreciate yourself for the positive things that happened with you because of you in all the previous years.

Coming back to the new year's resolution you don’t really need new numeric figures in life to decide certain things for yourself, instead we can word it as 'you can plan for certain things targeting the next 12 months to  fulfill them and achieve it, and that’s where I say 'Make 2020 Your Dream Year'.
 Making 2020 a DREAM Year does not requires much efforts all what you do need to do is to follow these things:

  • Make Happiness Unconditional: We are in a generation where heartbreaks are common. But has  anyone ever tried finding out the reason for the disappointments and heartbreaks and if yes, we have probably blamed others for it but in reality we are our own culprits and we commit errors by expecting too much from the world in return to what we give to them. Remember to only give and seek happiness unconditionally and see how your life changes.
  • Trust Yourself and Believe in your potentials: Nothing is impossible if you are willing to strive for it and you are going to achieve it when you trust yourself and your potentials. Remember, everything in life starts from you and therefore always believe in yourself.
  • Be honest with Yourself: You need to have a clear vision about your life and its related things. You need to know what is not working and what you really want in your life.You have to be willing to let go things and further do not get stuck with every minor issues in life because remember life goes on.
  • Lay solid foundations for Courageous New Beginnings that connect to your deepest desires because it is it rightly said 'try try till you succeed.'
  • Be Brave enough to Achieve your Dreams: Never ever underestimate yourself with the thought that your dreams are too big to achieve, never think that you aren’t capable of it. Instead you need to bravely tell yourself that 'you are capable and worthy of every dream you wish'
Wishing you Good Luck for the New Year.


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