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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Be Your Own Life Coach

'Everything in YOUR life starts with YOU'
 Improve Oneself seems like a difficult task to a great number of masses, but in reality improving oneself is the best thing a person can do for their own self. Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else in your life and therefore you can Be Your Own Life Coach. You don’t really need a long period of time to improve yourself, you can take one step each day to become better then you are right now.

Here are five simple Ideas for You:

  1. BE POSITIVE:  Being optimistic and positive about your own-self plays the utmost important part for you to lead a happy and a satisfactory life. Start your day with a positive mindset to achieve your goals, to respect and love yourself and encourage yourself towards betterment.Spare few minutes in the bed after you wake up each day and communicate with God to generate positive vibes within you. Have a positive mindset, positive behaviour and aim for positive outlook. Holding on to positivity the entire day will seem to be an impossible task for you right now but try and do try for your own-self and see the results in yourself and subsequently in your life.
  2. BE GRATEFUL: Ups and downs are part of life events, downfall shouldn’t make you a complaining human. In the dark hour of your life you shouldn’t forget all the good things which have lighten your life. Therefore be grateful always and at the end of each day look back 'say thanks' and end your day on a positive note.
  3. FIND YOUR PASSION AND WORK FOR IT: "Do what you like", is the most common phrase we all have been hearing in our lives. Finding activities which make you happy is really important for improving yourself and further when you do things which you want to do, which gives you a sense of pleasure and self satisfaction you automatically turn out to have a positive personality  and that’s how you work on yourself and improve each time.
  4. MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY:  The heading may seem to confuse a lot of readers here as to how other person's happiness can be a part of the journey of improving oneself. It is simple to understand that when you give happiness to others a sense of positivity and self-satisfaction is build  within you and making someone happy is the surest way to feel good about yourself, to feel that you have made a difference. You don’t have to do big things to make someone happy all what you can do is to simply have a good gesture towards them or wishing them good luck or encourage them to pursue their aims in life.
  5. MEDITATE: Meditation is not only an exercise but it is also the best way to spend some time with yourself and your God. Your mind needs relaxation and a break from the daily affairs in your life. Make a habit to sit down for a while everyday and give your mind and body some break. Meditation  also helps you tackle with your inner demons and gives you a sense of positive vibes within yourself .


  1. Very well written 💯💯

  2. Gratitude will change your life! Through gratitude all the other great items on this list will manifest. Great article!

    1. Indeed Gratitude will change life. Thank You for appreciating the post:)

  3. Great ideas here! I definitely find that helping others can make me feel more positive, I get a lot more from giving than receiving! Thanks for sharing ☺️

    1. I am glad you found great ideas here! Thank you so much:)