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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Discover Your Core Identity

“Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

Are you Lost in the fast growing world ? 
Are You are Not able to decide your career ? 
Life seems upside down to you at the moment ? 
Take few minutes to sit down with calm mind and find your lost self by discovering your Identity.

Firstly Understand what does our Identity Blueprint means.
•We start with our Identity blueprint  around the age of 2-3 years.
• Between the age of 3-6 years we start to develop an identity for ourselves. 
•As we grow up to the age of 6-7 years old we start with the internal dialogues, we start to question things and that’s where our identity starts taking shape.
•We take things from our surroundings it helps us create an identity for ourselves.
•Our identity is mixed with who we are meant to be, our own thoughts and our surroundings.
•Further, at the age of 12-13 years we get an idea of who we are and what we are meant to be. We meet friends at school level, later at high school followed by workplace surroundings and we therefore keep developing our Identity.
In all this while we don’t give ourselves time to understand and know our own Identity. The truth is we don’t take time to discover who I was meant to be and how should I be living my life. 

Many people will tell you that you can’t change your Identity, you can’t change the identity with which you are born, but that’s all completely untrue. 
The fact is choosing our Identity is a conscious process as we take responsibility of our lives and therefore we can choose with what Identity with want to associate ourselves with. 
Remember We can change our Identity, we can choose parts of our Identity that we want to add in, what we want to be, what we want to do, or how we want to live our lives.

So for now take a deep breathe and take this small questioning session with Yourself  to Discover Your Identity.

Discover Your Core Identity by asking yourself 3 simple Questions:-

1) Who am I? 

Start your answer with ‘I am.....’ 
(for eg. hardworking, loyal, helpful)

2) What am I? 

Start your answer with ‘I am a ....’
(for eg. learner, lawyer, daughter) 

3) Life choice?

Start your answer with ‘I choose to Live with...’
(for eg. Dignity, Love, Respect)
After listing down the answers in 3 lists, compare and consider the lists to understand Your Core Identity, who you actually are, and whether you are living to those parts of your core Identity. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP) is about changing the parts of ourselves that we don’t want, breaking or destroying  our limiting beliefs, it is about reframing our lives and is finally about creating something for ourselves i.e. Our Identity.

Your Life Blogger is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach now, feel free to connect with me for more on this post or for any other discussion. 

Here to help you to lead a Positive Life. 

Best Regards.