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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Maintain your Mental Health Positively.

“Creating a healthy mindset is an investment in your overall well-being.”

Viewing a negative situation in a positive light is an art which not many of us excel, and holding on to that negativity for long time can prove to be extremely dangerous to our well-being, both physical and mental.

Prioritising your Mental Health is the need of an hour today. 
Your entire life is depend on the way you think, the things that you think and the manner in which you react to those things. Everything starts and ends in your mind itself.
This proves how important it is to have a correct mindset to lead a happy life, and remember nothing is worth your mental health. 
The number of cases of people undergoing depression, anxiety, stress, suicidal tendency are increasing by passing time because people aren’t firstly aware of their bad mental health, later when they realise it they are clueless as to how can they improve their mental health and the rest just go with the flow of having disturbed mental health and ultimate they end up their lives.

It is extremely important to understand your mental condition and to maintain it positively.

Therefore here are some effective tips to take care of your Mental Health:

  • Hold on to your Conscious Mind: first and foremost thing that you should be doing while feeling low is to manage to hold on to your conscious mind, by which I mean you have to not let the unconscious mind and emotions carry you completely. You have to be conscious in a manner to distinguish between right and wrong. Consciously you will be in a position to realise that ending life is not the solution if you are done with your life issues, and instead it’s better to face them once and hope for positive outcomes. 
  • Take enough Sleep and Practice Meditation: At times when you feel that you are having a disturbed mental health, all what you need to do for that moment is to sit and meditate and try diverting  your mind, soul and body completely away from your life issues. It’s not easy to divert your mind but it’s not even that difficult that you can’t give it a try.  Meditation is said to be the best cure for time being for probably everything in this world. Gradually start practicing meditation daily, because it will not only improve your mental condition but it will also be effective for your physical health. Further, taking enough hours of sleep is also very important for maintaining your health positively.
  • Inhale fresh Air:  Along with meditation another natural remedy for safeguarding yourself from bad mental health is to daily intake the fresh air either at early hours of morning or in the evening. Fresh air tends to refresh your mood and it to an extent starts building positive vibes in you and you are then said to also be exhaling the negative vibes from your mind and soul.
  • Spend time with your family and dear ones: Family is said to be that group of people whose love for you is unconditional, by which I mean they aren’t expecting anything in return from you for the love and care they give to you. Anytime you are feeling low on your mental health, talk to your family members about it or if you can’t discuss it with them, sit and spend sometime with them. Spending a quality time with your family is going to give you sometime of peace in this fast growing world with lots of negative situations out of which you are into one of those situations. Further, do speak about your issues to a dear one if not to your family members, because keeping things within you for more time tends to lead you to the phase of depression, which can hit your mental health badly.
  • Avoid company of people giving you negative vibes: when you feel low and negative around a person or a group of persons quietly leave their company without thinking or discussing over it with them or anyone else. No one is bad in this world, it’s either their nature, way of thinking or anything related to them which goes negative with you, therefore without judging them quietly just move out of that company to safeguard your mental well-being.
  • Learn to Appreciate Yourself and the good things in your life: lot of times people don’t really sit down to think, realise and thank themselves for the good things that they have done and to realise their true blessings in different forms in their life. It is very important for a human to first appreciate himself, appreciate the good things in his life and then to deal with the rest. Having a good family, having a shelter, having a good physical health are itself a true blessing. When you appreciate yourself enough and appreciate the blessing in your life you are less likely to fall prey to negativity.
  • Indulge in activities which boosts your mind positively: It’s extremely important to do things that makes you happy and indulge in activities which gives you a positive boost. Doing things what makes you happy can also include cooking and eating what you like or indulging in any of your most favourite hobby. 
  • Do not victimise Yourself: victimising yourself  because of the negative situations you are into is not a solution to your issues. Do not pity yourself ever  because that act in return only makes you emotionally weak and worsens your mental health. As humans we are bound to make mistakes and no one is perfect, therefore learn from your mistakes which happened unknowingly and unintentionally and simply let it go.
  • Last but not the least piece of Advice, Always look forward to a positive future, and leave the past behind. 

Start taking care of your mental health before time, speak up before it’s too late.
It isn’t difficult to practice any of the above tips for maintaining your Mental Health.

I, myself practice all the above activities to maintain my Mental Health positively and I am sure of even you having positive results for the same.

We have a cabin crew Miss.Puja Vyas from Mumbai, India sharing her practices for taking care of her Mental Health, let’s read what she has to say about it, “ I Spend good time with my family and friends and talk to them regularly about how I feel, I also engage myself in activities that I love.”

Further, a corporate lawyer, Miss. Hemal Shah based in Mumbai, India has shared with me what she practices to maintain her mental health, she says that, “ In order to maintain my mental health, I watch a video of 30 minutes in the day for inspiration, more often or less, the constant output of energy is a must.

It’s never too late for new beginnings, so if you aren’t practising any activity to maintain your mental health positively, it’s time for you to start now.

Good luck.


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  2. These were awesome tips. Especially affirming yourself and reminding self to express gratitude in the moment!

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  3. Mental health is very important to take care of and these tips will give you some good ideas on how to do it. Very informative article!

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  4. Love how different these tips are from others I've read. I love the idea of being concious of where you are or what you're doing and you're own state of mind

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