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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Take Life As It Comes.

“No one is perfect, 
Neither you nor your life” 

So does that means we should live a sad life with a notion that I am imperfect and so is my life?

NO, everyone of Us Deserve to live a Happy and Positive Life.

It’s extremely important for people to understand that it’s life and not a script which has been discussed, written and finalised. The reality is that your life journey has been written by god and it has all ups and down for you to ride because god knows already what is best for you. The ups that you ride are the times when your prayers, hard-work, patience and above all being a good human is rewarded and the down rides which you take may be for for ample reasons including the fact that god wants you to turn up to him, he wants you to realise wrong deeds and further he wants you to improve yourself positively.

So with this what do we basically understand here is that to Take Life As It Comes.

Life will neither be rough for you always nor will it be a smoothing ride, ups and down will always be a part of your life journey.

After understanding a journey it is always better to make a strategy to lead the way positively.

To Take Life As It Comes is the wisest choice you will ever make, because life as a journey isn’t in your hands always, sometimes it better to accept the journey and move on with it.

Here are some quick tips for you to learn to Take Life As It Comes:
  • Learn to accept the realities of life on time 
  • Learn to have patience 
  • Learn to have faith in your prayers 
  • Learn to make yourself believe that everything happens for a reason 
  • Learn to draw the thin line between your mind and heart, and therefore never take everything too deeply in your heart.
  • Learn to maintain your emotional balance
  • Learn to hold on to positivity 
  • Learn to avoid negative thoughts 
  • Learn to let go things, don’t hold on for too long 
  • Learn to Forgive and forget



  1. It's a reality check in a nutshell. Thanks for always posting inspiration which everyone can relate to 🥰

    1. I’m glad you can connect well with it:)
      Thank you so much for the appreciation✨

  2. I agree that patience is very important

    1. Indeed it is✔️
      Life is full of ups and down, therefore we need to hold on patience positively.

      Thank you for commenting:)

  3. "Take life as it comes", is incredibly motivational and moving. It' something we all could remember. There will be ups, and downs, but how we deal with each moment will define ourselves. --Ryan

  4. What a motivating post! I love where you talk about the waves life throws at us. You can't keep things from happening to you, but you can change the way you respond.